[Project] Charter Template

The following template is useful for cross-functional teams when kicking off a new project with our client-partners.

Summary & Objectives

Link to speclet info.


Who are the main client stakeholders? Fill out the following table:

Stakeholder Role Contact Notes
Name Title email/phone  


List the client and Lab Zero team connected to this project. Here’s an example:

Teammate Role Contact Notes
Chris Greacen Team Lead chris@labzero.com  
Dean Baker Design dean@labzero.com  
Matt Wilson CTO matt@labzero.com  
Kate Bennet Product Manager kate@labzero.com  
Ned Holets Tech Lead ned@labzero.com  

Project Timeline

Are there key meetings, milestones or cycles? List them here. A table or bulleted list — use the format that communicates it best. Are there scheduled team meetings such as stand-ups, design reviews, product demos? What is the cadence of those?

Example project cadence:

Day Ceremonies
Monday Standup
Tuesday Standup, Design Review
Wednesday Standup, Storytime
Thursday Standup, Demo, Retro, Planning
Friday Standup

Roles and Responsibilities

List the key artifacts and activities of the project. We recommend an alternative RACI scheme (see below) to describe how the team will work together.

RACI (alternative scheme): There is an alternative coding, less widely published but used by some practitioners and process mapping software, which modifies the application of the R and A codes of the original scheme. The overall methodology remains the same but this alternative avoids potential confusion of the terms accountable and responsible, which may be understood by management professionals but not always so clearly differentiated by others:

Responsible: Those responsible for the performance of the task. There should be exactly one person with this assignment for each task.

Assists: Those who assist/partner to complete a task. Usually people with this role share authorship.

Consulted: Those whose opinions are sought; and with whom there is two-way communication. People with this role can still have extensive involvement in an activity or artifact.

Informed: Those who are kept up-to-date on progress; and with whom there is one-way communication.

Each task/activity should have a “author.” Additional roles can be described as “contributor”, “informed”, or “test.” Other roles can also be defined. Use the chart below as an example and starting point, but feel free to change as necessary to reflect the team’s agreements and the engagement.

Artifact & Activities Client Partner Product Design Enginteering DevOps Business Agility
Metrics and hypotheses   responsible consulted consulted    
Project coordination   responsible assists assists    
Stakeholder management assists responsible assists assists    
Team health assists responsible assists assists assists assists
Speclet   responsible consulted consulted    
Charter   responsible consulted consulted    
Personas   assists responsible consulted    
Alignment maps   assists responsible consulted    
Epics   responsible assists informed    
Design system   consulted responsible consulted    
User stories   responsible assists consulted    
Wireframes   consulted responsible consulted    
Interaction design   consulted responsible assists    
Information architecture   consulted responsible consulted    
Technical architecture   consulted consulted responsible    
Code   acceptance test acceptance test responsible    
CI/CD       consulted responsible  
Agile practice assessment   assists assists assists assists responsible
Agile coaching           responsible
Final delivery   responsible assists assists    

Team Collaboration Tools

List the key tools to be used on the project. If there are any tools that should be avoided, consider noting that below the table.

Tool Location / Notes
Internal Team Email List Team email alias
Team Calendar Calendar
Documents Google docs location. Is there a scheme to organize the documents?
Task Tracking Trello? Jira?
Internal Chat Slack channel
Design Sketch
Prototype Invision?
Harvest Project for Harvest tracking
Source Code GitHub
Client Tools Are there any client tools we are required to use?

Open questions/FAQ

List anything that we are not sure about or questions that frequently arise. As we get answers, we can list them here.

Q. For example, this has come up several times during discussions.

A. Here’s the answer.